Crucial Crew Survival Guide

Stay Alert!

Stay alert and pay attention to the session leaders. They now their stuff and are full of lots of useful information that could save you or your family and friends life. Stay alert for the competition answers too!


Keep it real!

Throughout the sessions try and relate to what is being said to you, your life and the people around you. In some instances you might think the session isn’t relevant to you, but try to think about the people around you, friends, family, teachers and think ‘does it effect the people around me?’.


Get involved

Try to get involved in as many activities as you can! We promise they’ll be great fun and you’ll learn loads! If the session leader asks a question, don’t be afraid to raise your hand and have a go at the answer. It’s easy to have a go and you’ll probably be right!


Have fun!

Don’t forget to have fun! You’re at Crucial Crew to learn new things, things that will keep you and the people around you safe. But, for every session you’ll have great fun at the same time as learning.